Cairns private school fees revealed for 2019

Two Far Northern private schools have reduced tuition fees this year in a bid to make Catholic education more affordable.

St Rita’s School in Babinda and St Anthony’s School Dimbulah have reduced fees to $400 a year, or $100 a term, including all levies for all new and existing families.

Additionally, bus fares will also be paid by the school on behalf of students and the amount payable after the allowable rebate will be invoiced to families.

Cairns Catholic Education Services Executive Director Bill Dixon said the tuition fees were a small part of the school’s total income compared to the level of government funding that was delivered by the needs-based funding formula, and that for many families, paying the existing fees was already a struggle.

“This is one more measure to enhance the affordability of Catholic schools for the communities we serve,” he said.

“We are seeing a good response at both Babinda and Dimbulah with both schools set to increase enrolments this year.”

Private school fees

Trinity Anglican School charges a number of additional fees and levies, including a $110 enrolment fee, $350 confirmation fee for the first child, $300 for the second and subsequent children.

Levies include an IT levy $380 per P-6 and $760 per 7-12, book levy $200 per P-6 and $150 per 7-12 charged to bookshop account each year, $708 capital levy for first child, $640 for second child and no charge for third and subsequent children, and an $800 foundation building fund levy per family.

Catholic school fees

Base tuition fees for primary and secondary schools are determined by Catholic Education Services before the start of each school year.

On top of this, schools can have varying levies, set by the individual school. A 15 per cent discount on tuition fees applies for two children and a 30 per cent discount for three children. Families with children at primary school and high school can also apply for a discount.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in a Catholic or private school, or just want to know how the fees you’re paying stack up against other schools, you can view tuition fees for all Cairns schools via The Good Schools Guide website.

This article originally appeared in the Cairns Post – Cairns private school fees revealed for 2019

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