Go rural if you want to be a pharmacist

If you want to get involved in community pharmacy, you should head for the country. That’s the advice from the newly published Good Universities Guide.

If considering pharmacy as a potential career choice, The Good Universities Guide says “more and more professional bodies are of the opinion that the demand for pharmacists is heading towards oversupply due to the increase in pharmacy courses”.

“That said, this problem is believed to be mainly affecting metropolitan areas, with shortages for pharmacists persisting in rural areas.”

The Good Universities Guide states that a number of universities are introducing scholarships and placement schemes to encourage rural employment to make up for the perceived urban imbalance.

And a new degree structure showing up in some institutions and mirroring a US-style model is likely to become more common. This would see undergraduates entering a general pre-professional degree before transferring to a postgraduate qualification in pharmacy.

The Guide also offers some pretty upbeat student reactions to courses, based on responses to the 2014 course experience Survey. Most students surveyed said they were generally “quite pleased” about their education.

The Guide even profiles a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours) graduate who says he “didn’t have many complaints” however felt he had dodged the community pharmacy bullet, working as a development chemist at a Brisbane pharmaceutical company.

Pharmacy News_Testimonial

Student Profile — The Good Universities Guide 2016

For more information visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au.


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