Introducing The Good Careers Guide


The Good Education Group is excited to announce the launch of their newest publication, The Good Careers Guide. The Guide offers detailed analysis of a broad spectrum of occupations and the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue them. It also assists users to explore their skills and interests, and prepares them for the world of work.

In order to align with the Australian Government’s committed to increasing the uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in schools, the Guide also includes a ‘focus on STEM’ section. This includes highlighting various STEM-related career pathways, as well as providing advice on the importance of undertaking STEM-related subjects while at school and throughout further study.

To coincide with the launch of The Good Careers Guide, the Good Education Group hosted a stakeholder event on Tuesday 3 May 2016, with members from the government, education, industry and corporate sector present.

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