Why Good Education Media does ratings

Choosing the right university can be a long journey for students. Many simply choose to follow friends, go where their parents went, or to the university they’ve heard the most about. The ratings in The Good Universities Guide are designed to give prospective students an insight into the experiences of graduates at each institution and offer a glimpse at life beyond the scores and statistics of a university.

Universities across the country are excelling, with the ratings in the 2018 edition demonstrating the high standard of Australian education. As such, there is no “best” university; every university has different strengths and weaknesses. Our ratings allow students to decide on the factors that matter most to them, then make their choice accordingly. For universities, these results aren’t published as a way to punish poor performance or dissuade students from enrolling, rather they provide valuable insight into student life. With ratings for 39 universities, it is a valuable resource to educate institutions about their strengths, as well as offer information that may guide how they deliver their courses.

Beyond the comparison functions that the ratings serve, they form a valuable database that stretches back 25 years. This makes it possible to track the progress of Australia’s higher education sector and a multitude of other possibilities. While ratings and rankings will always be contextual and often controversial, a sample of this duration and depth becomes a rich source of insight when compared to events in history. From changes in government, major world events, and technological innovations, to smaller, localised trends, the changes in how universities rate and compare can be correlated and analysed beyond rudimentary rankings. The possibilities for analysis are endless. The data can be filtered and arranged in innumerable ways, offering insights from a range of angles.

The Good Universities Guide 2019 includes ratings at a field of study level, which enables students and universities to see in greater detail how institutions perform. Competition in the tertiary sector is fierce and the costs of education are growing, which means that students are always looking for the greatest return on their investment. Our ratings provide the information that students need to make an informed choice and set themselves up for a long and successful career.

The Good Universities Guide is the only source of independent, five-star university performance ratings and is Australia’s largest course comparison website. For more information visit www.gooduniversitiesguide.com.au.


Chris Lester is Good Education Media’s Chief Executive Officer and brings to the sector more than two decades of experience in strategic management, business development and financial services. Chris’ mission is for the Good Education Media to ensure everyone has access to high-quality education that is the best fit for each individual student, leading to defined learner outcomes. Learn more about Chris.

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