St Albans is top of the class

St Albans Secondary College is the best performing Brimbank school based on VCE results, according to Good Education Group.

Good Education Group last week launched its 2018 edition of The Good Schools Guide, which identifies the best performing schools in Victoria based on median VCE scores.

St Albans Secondary College tops the list for Brimbank, with a median VCE study score of 30. The college also had the highest per centage, eight per cent, of students who achieved a study score of more than 40.

While Overnewton Anglican Community College and Catholic Regional College Sydenham also had a median VCE score of 30, they had less students achieve scores above 40 with 7 and 4 per cent respectively.

Keilor Downs College, Copperfield College and Sunshine College all had median scores of 29.

Good Education Group chief executive, Chris Lester, said St Albans’ top ranking was a sign that investment in government schools was starting to bear fruit.

“There’s been significant money invested in the state school system and we’re starting to see results track upwards,” he said.

Mr Lester said while still a little way behind schools in the south east, Brimbank compared well with other schools.

“The top schools around the state had a mean score of 37, which isn’t too far off where the Brimbank schools sit,” he said.

“The difference is with scores over 40. Some of the top schools have up to 35 per cent of students getting a score over 40, whereas it’s 8 per cent in Brimbank.”


This article originally appeared in the Star Weekly – St Albans is top of the class

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