Just how good are your universities?

Last week The Good Universities Guide was released.

The guide analysed every Australian university according to their satisfaction rating, whether or not their students feel supported and if students are confident going into the job market.

We have concluded that a number of Australia’s top unis have pieced together some pretty low scores – notably in the ‘student outcomes’ subheading.

Ross White, head of Data and Analytics at Good Education Media explains to Breakfast’s Tess Connery just how ‘good’ our universities really are.

Listen to the interview


Ross White is Head of Data and Analytics for Good Education Media and heads up the production team for The Good Universities Guide. Ross specialises in market insight within the education sector and has been involved in the evolution of The Good Universities Guide publication for over 10 years. Learn more about Ross.


This interview originally appeared on 2SER 107.3’s Breakfast program with Tess Connery – Good Universities Guide Australia 2019 

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