New Careers Guide lists 400+ careers

The first annual Good Careers Guide was released yesterday to fill the gap left by Job Guide, which was published for the last time in 2015.

At the launch in Melbourne, Chris Lester, CEO of the Good Education Group, stressed the importance of students exploring STEM careers.

“With the government’s renewed focus on the importance of studying STEM subjects, students would do well to consider these fields — both for positive employment and salary outcomes,” he said.

According to the Guide, STEM graduates can earn almost $10,000 more than the average starting salary.

While the average starting salary for degree graduates is $52,840, the Guide shows that some of the best salaries are gained from STEM-related study. Engineering degree graduates earn an average of $62,102 – putting them at almost $10,000 above the national average. A range of other fields requiring STEM skills can also strengthen graduate prospects, including dentistry, which sees graduates enter their first full-time job at an average salary of $77,633 – the best outcome of any field nationally.

In the vocational sector, information technology and engineering boast the strongest salaries, at $51,700 and $51,100 respectively, which compares to a national VET graduate average of $46,900.

Employability is another indicator pointing to the strength of outcomes in STEM disciplines. National graduate employment data shows that graduates in fields requiring STEM aptitude fare best, with employment rates as high as 97 per cent (medicine) and 91 per cent (pharmacy).

The Good Careers Guide has been developed in consultation with Australian career advisers to provide accessible, relevant and comprehensive information to inform students about the education and career pathways available to them.

The guide lists over 400 jobs, starting with Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Health Worker through Industrial Engineer and ending with Zoologist. Each description describes the job, specialisations within the field, personal requirements, education and training. As well, there is information about employment opportunities and job opportunities.

It is available as a 340-page printed edition and online as an e-Book and an app.

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This article originally appeared in Education Today – New Careers Guide lists 400+ careers

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