Regional unis top city cousins in graduate employment rankings

Rankings measuring student experience, graduate employment outcomes and starting salaries have placed Australia’s regional universities on top. 

The Good Universities Guide 2017published by the Good Education Group and released on Monday 29 August 2016, shows that while country and city universities have similar levels of student satisfaction, the graduates of regional institutions have higher starting salaries and employment rates in Australia. It also found that mature-age students, students who enter university via alternative pathways, part-time attendees, and distance students have strong employment outcomes. The universities who enrol higher proportions of these students performed better in The Good Universities Guide 2017. Only Australian universities were ranked.

GUG17 national table

Top performers in salary and employment rates. Shading denotes that a university has a high proportion of mature age, part-time or distance education students. Universities are awarded five stars if they fall within the top 20 per cent of all universities in each given category. Source: The Good Universities Guide 2017

Good Education Group crunched the numbers from the federal government Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website. The rankings didn’t consider research outputs and academic reputation, which are major influences in the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Ross White, Good Education Group’s head of product, said this is because prospective students care more about teaching quality and employment outcomes than research.

“What we’ve done this year is focused on some metrics that are probably more key to our prospective undergraduate student audience, like measures of teaching quality, measures of graduate employment, and measures of graduate starting salaries as well,” White explained. “Those are the things that, we feel, are key to a school-leaver type audience when selecting a university.”

Hear from Good Education Group’s Head of Product, Ross White

This article originally appeared on Campus Review – Regional unis top city cousins in graduate employment rankings

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