School squeeze

Melbourne’s skyrocketing population is putting enormous pressure of the state’s education system.

The number of students in some schools will rise up to 70% in the coming years and no one knows where all those children are going to fit.

Data from The Good Schools Guide shows the suburbs of Melton, Darebin and Wyndham have seen year seven enrolments double in the past decade. But the inner city is getting crowded too.

In the meantime, free resources like The Good Schools Guide can help parents find out what’s currently available in their area.

Ross White, Head of Product at Good Education Group, which publishes The Good Schools Guide, says it’s important that parents educate themselves on what’s happening in their local area.

“It may be that there’s new buildings going up or there’s more teachers being put on to handle the extra load. Arm yourself with the numbers and go have a conversation with the local principal of the local school”, says White.

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This story originally appeared on Seven News – School squeeze


To learn more about the rise in student enrolments in Victoria and the impact that it is having on schools and families, read Ross White’s blog – Is high school becoming more daunting

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