Schools in Braybrook are front runners in VCE results

Secondary schools in Braybrook have topped VCE academic results when compared among other schools in Maribyrnong, new data shows.

The latest VCE figures released by Good Education Group last week showed two Braybrook schools, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College and Braybrook College, had the highest VCE median study scores in the area, both sitting at a 30 median average.

Other schools including Footscray City College, Maribyrnong Secondary College and Gilmore College for Girls were not far behind with median scores of 29.

Caroline Chisholm principal Marco DiCesare said the results came down to the hard work of the students.

“Our personalised approach to learning underpins the learning excellence that the College prides itself on and this is reflected in our improved Study Scores,” he said.

Statistics showed 6 per cent of students in Maribyrnong achieved a study score over 40 on average.

Maribyrnong sat in the middle of the pack in VCE results when compared among other schools across the state.

The findings showed schools in the neighbouring municipalities of Brimbank and Hobsons Bay performed slightly lower, while schools within Mooney Valley performed higher.

Top performing schools in Victoria

The overall leading schools in the state with median study scores of 37 included The Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School, St Kevin’s College and Melbourne High School.

Good Education Group chief executive Chris Lester said there were numerous factors to a ‘good school’, not just academic achievement.

“Academic performance shouldn’t be disregarded but there are lots of other reasons a school could be the right fit for a child,” Mr Lester said.

“They might have modern sporting facilities, a great drama department or access to VET studies — there is plenty to take into consideration.”


This article originally appeared in the Maribyrnong Leader – Schools in Braybrook are frontrunners in VCE results

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