Story Dogs make reading fun at Glenferrie Primary

The latest teaching aid to help Glenferrie Primary School students improve their literacy skills has arrived and he has four legs, a tail and a golden coat.

Golden retriever Murphy joined the program, run by in-school literacy charity Story Dogs, in a special ceremony recently.

The program helps improve children’s literacy and confidence by having them read to a dog.

Murphy is sponsored by education services provider Good Education Group in partnership with Story Dogs.

Glenferrie Primary School program co-ordinator Skye Allen said the students feel “comfortable and safe reading aloud to their canine friends.”

“The school has been a part of the program for only a few months and already we have seen an improvement,” Ms Allen said.

For more information about the Story Dogs program, visit


This article originally appeared in the Progress Leader – Murphy makes reading fun at Glenferrie


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  1. Kristy Grantham-Reply
    July 26, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    I think Storydog is a fantastic idea to assist and help children to learn and want to read. My step has this program at his school in Baldivis and I can see the improvement in him and he is also making an effort in reading at home and also spelling his words .

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