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Australia’s top universities benefiting in the billions from the fees paid by international students

The influx of international students in Australia’s top universities has led to a dramatic increase in plagiarism, a shocking investigation has found.


How is international education impacting Australia?

A recent survey conducted by The University of New South Wales revealed that 54 per cent of respondents wanted to see fewer international students enrolling at Australian universities. While some have speculated this is due to domestic students missing out on university places to their foreign counterparts, it’s important to note that ABC Fact Check found that the amount of

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High-paying jobs aren’t a sure thing, experts say

As thousands of students around Australia throw their academic caps into the sky this month, many of them will be left thousands of dollars in debt. 


Building knowledge and skills

There will always be a need for postgraduate business qualifications, but in a crowded market, where does the MBA fit in?


The ‘easiest and the hardest’ university courses to get into in 2017

As this year’s round of new graduates start the process of applying to universities around the country, a lot of students have a specific number in mind.


Should you bother with postgraduate study?

Graduate employment has hit a low of around 65 per cent, with more than a third of bachelor degree graduates still seeking full-time work four months after graduation.


Not all degrees are equal

There’s no question postgraduate  study delivers a range of benefits, yet closer investigation reveals higher degrees in some fields pay greater dividends than others. The latest data analysis from The Good Universities Guide to Postgraduate Courses reveals significant variation in the return you can expect from a postgraduate qualification, depending on your industry or field of study. Data Manager, Ross

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