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Why you shouldn’t give up on education after a career break

There are many reasons why we stop improving our education. But as higher education is being done differently, the excuses are harder to make. Women are enrolling in tertiary studies at a faster rate than men but one of the biggest challenges they face is keeping their educational qualifications up to date later in life. Time pressures and career breaks

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How do pharmacy courses compare?

The Good Universities Guide 2019 has released pharmacy course ratings as well as the latest stats on grad employment and salary.


Students name top pharmacy schools

Pharmacy students have ranked James Cook University’s pharmacy course the best in Australia.


Should you bother with postgraduate study?

Graduate employment has hit a low of around 65 per cent, with more than a third of bachelor degree graduates still seeking full-time work four months after graduation.


Not all degrees are equal

There’s no question postgraduate  study delivers a range of benefits, yet closer investigation reveals higher degrees in some fields pay greater dividends than others. The latest data analysis from The Good Universities Guide to Postgraduate Courses reveals significant variation in the return you can expect from a postgraduate qualification, depending on your industry or field of study. Data Manager, Ross

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Should you bother with postgrad study in your field?

A postgraduate degree is a far more worthwhile investment in some fields of study than in others, according to The Good Universities Guide to Postgraduate Courses. Considering the time and expense that postgraduate degrees require, a salary increase is one of the main benefits that many postgraduate students expect to gain after finishing their degree. While postgraduate salaries are, on

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