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Cost of schooling just one part of the equation

When the 2019 Planning for Education Index was released in January, there was a flurry of media coverage across the country. The report detailed the estimated cost for educating a child born in 2019, with the intention of preparing parents not only for the projected expense of tuition but all the other ‘little’ things that hit the wallet, such as

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Queensland one of the most affordable states for Catholic school education

New figures have revealed that on average it will cost Queensland parents almost $76,000 to put a child through 13 years of state school.


Estimated total cost of a government, Catholic and independent education revealed

The huge cost of sending your child through 13 years of school has been revealed, with a surprising city as the most expensive.


Brisbane is the most expensive city for a state education, survey finds

Brisbane parents spend more to send their children to government-run schools than any other Australian capital.


Cairns private school fees revealed for 2019

Two Far Northern private schools have reduced tuition fees this year in a bid to make Catholic education more affordable.


Gold Coast private school fees revealed

Parents are coughing up less to send their children to Gold Coast’s best private schools than other large cities in Australia.


Townsville’s private school fees revealed

With Townsville parents already forking out hundreds of dollars more for their child’s private school tuition in 2019, they’re also being hit with a raft of additional levies and charges for special subjects, outdoor camps, building upgrades and even cleaning fees.


Brisbane private schools raise tuition fees up to three times inflation rate

Private schools across Brisbane will raise tuition fees this year by two to three times the rate of inflation.


Schools across the Gold Coast raising fees as prices revealed

Private and Catholic schools across the Gold Coast are raising annual fees well above inflation and in line with hikes in Brisbane.


No need to run race to come first

Afi Leota has a lot to be proud of. Enrolling at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) through its second-chance program, the 19-year-old became the first in her family to attend university and is now halfway through a bachelor’s degree in business and commerce.