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Thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships could be going unclaimed with university students unaware of eligibility

Thousands of dollars’ worth of scholarships could be going unclaimed with university students simply unaware they are eligible.


Brisbane is the most expensive city for a state education, survey finds

Brisbane parents spend more to send their children to government-run schools than any other Australian capital.


Brisbane private schools raise tuition fees up to three times inflation rate

Private schools across Brisbane will raise tuition fees this year by two to three times the rate of inflation.


Today Weekend Agenda: Rising School Costs

While some parents debate the benefits of public or private school, many can’t afford the choice and are still seriously struggling with the costs of a so-called ‘free education’.


Helping hand to cover study costs

If you’re fretting about university costs but don’t think you’re smart enough for a scholarship, it’s time to think again. 


Go rural if you want to be a pharmacist

If you want to get involved in community pharmacy, you should head for the country. That’s the advice from the newly published Good Universities Guide. If considering pharmacy as a potential career choice, The Good Universities Guide says “more and more professional bodies are of the opinion that the demand for pharmacists is heading towards oversupply due to the increase in pharmacy

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Dollars for scholars abound

There’s a PhD scholarship for platypus enthusiasts at UNSW; retailer Forever New offers cash, employment and a Paris trip to design students;


Students may be surprised who is offering to pay for their study

Almost everyone qualifies for some kind of scholarship to assist with the financial costs of study — they just need to know where to look. Good Universities Guide Editor Joanna Schwarz says budding students also do not need to be academically gifted to receive funds to learn. “There’s actually a lot of scholarships that go unclaimed because people just don’t know to

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