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Childcare stocks rising with childcare costs

The cost of raising a child is getting higher. A 2016 Suncorp report found the average cost is $297,600 from birth to 17 years – which as Mamamia noted is the cost of a brand new Ferrari. Ouch.


Cost of schooling just one part of the equation

When the 2019 Planning for Education Index was released in January, there was a flurry of media coverage across the country. The report detailed the estimated cost for educating a child born in 2019, with the intention of preparing parents not only for the projected expense of tuition but all the other ‘little’ things that hit the wallet, such as

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Which Local Government Areas have the highest school fee increases?

Sydney’s private school parents are coughing up to 72 per cent more to put their kids through secondary schooling than a decade ago, according to The Good Schools Guide’s latest data.


Estimated total cost of a government, Catholic and independent education revealed

The huge cost of sending your child through 13 years of school has been revealed, with a surprising city as the most expensive.


Catholic school education more expensive in Adelaide than any other Australian city

A Catholic school education in Adelaide is more expensive than in any other Australian city, the Australian Scholarship Group says.


Brisbane is the most expensive city for a state education, survey finds

Brisbane parents spend more to send their children to government-run schools than any other Australian capital.


Some universities miss the mark on student outcomes

An Australian universities rating has ranked the best and worst universities for a number of student experience and outcome measures.


Sydney’s university open day competition

On Saturday, the main western thoroughfare out of the CBD will become a sea of prospective students, as three universities and Sydney TAFE vie for business at their annual open days.