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Higher learning is a societal good for all

Education Minister Simon Birmingham is being disingenuous when he says: “Less than half of all school-leavers go to uni so that’s a lot of taxpayers providing funding for a public good”.


Bond University tops student experience ranking

A private university and a small Catholic institution deliver the best overall experience for students, according to The Good Universities Guide 2018.


Time to energise the study of physics, technology and maths

It’s always been about the sky for third-year physics student ­Kirsten Banks. “In primary school I was really interested in weather, in meteorology,’’ the 19-year-old says. “But then my grandfather helped me pursue my love of problem-­solving, introduced me to engineering, and then when I started looking at university, I really liked the physics curriculum.’’


Overseas students shift focus to Australia after Trump election

A website designed to attract international students to Australia has reported a huge spike in hits following the election of ­Donald Trump as the next president of the US.


Employers keen on 21st-century skills

A degree is a powerful signal to employers that an applicant is motivated and invested, and has a swag of technical skills. However, the current pathway from degree to job in the competitive graduate employment market has two main problems. Sadly, for many students, a degree is no longer a guarantee of a job. The Good Universities Guide reported in

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Not all degrees are equal

There’s no question postgraduate  study delivers a range of benefits, yet closer investigation reveals higher degrees in some fields pay greater dividends than others. The latest data analysis from The Good Universities Guide to Postgraduate Courses reveals significant variation in the return you can expect from a postgraduate qualification, depending on your industry or field of study. Data Manager, Ross

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The degrees of unemployment

Two-thirds of university graduates in some courses are failing to find a full-time job within four months of ­completing their course. New job-finding data published last week reveals specific courses that lead to tough job prospects, according to a comprehensive student survey. Some of the worst job outcomes are: the University of Sydney’s build environment courses, in which 71 per cent

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