The Good Universities Guide reveals that Australian universities are rising to the Covid challenge

Good Education Media is proud to celebrate the success of Australian universities in the most challenging circumstances. Over on The Good Universities Guide, we have released the 2022 edition of independent five-star performance ratings of all Australian university courses and providers.

These ratings provide insight across a range of categories, such as Learner Engagement, Student Support, Overall Experience, Graduate Employment and Graduate Starting Salary. Ratings can be viewed at an overall institution level or by field of study, and are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Our latest analysis confirms what we all know: the pandemic has been tough on students and universities alike. International enrolments came to a standstill, and domestic student life has been severely disrupted.

Five in six measures of student experience indicate lower rates of satisfaction from the Covid cohort of students compared to pre-covid students.

However, while our analysis shows a clear drop in satisfaction, it also confirms that despite the challenges presented by Covid, on average universities have maintained overwhelmingly high standards of student experience.

This visualisation depicts national average rates of satisfaction at an overall level and by individual field of study. Use the highlighter to identify results and patterns across the chart. 

Click here to access all results.

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