Top marks for student experience, but Victorians should think outside their state for employment opportunities

The latest edition of The Good Universities Guide reveals that Victorian universities perform strongly in educational experience measures. Federation University Australia, Deakin University and La Trobe University appear in the five-star range for measures such as ‘skills development’, ‘learning resources’, ‘learner engagement’, ‘teaching quality’ and ‘overall quality of educational experience’.

Federation University Australia’s Vice Chancellor, Professor David Battersby, said: “Federation University Australia is delighted once again to receive these amazing ratings from our students. Our five-star ratings confirm FedUni’s reputation as one of the nation’s leading universities. On behalf of the university, I thank our students for placing their trust in us.”

Elsewhere, Victoria’s two Group of Eight universities — the University of Melbourne and Monash University — both scored five stars for ‘student retention’, with the University of Melbourne also receiving top marks for ‘student-staff ratio’ and ‘student demand’ and Monash for ‘staff qualifications’.

While Victorian universities were well represented in educational experience measures, universities from outside of Victoria fared better for measures of ‘overall employment’ and ‘median salary’. The University of Western Australia had the highest median salary at $63,000, with the University of Southern Queensland and Charles Sturt University claiming the top employment rate of 84 per cent.

Federation University Australia was the top Victorian-based performer for both categories, with a median graduate salary of $56,000 and an employment rate of 70 per cent.

Ross White, Head of Product at the Good Education Media, said although no Victorian university achieved five stars for employment or salary, results indicate that there is more to graduate employment outcomes than meets the eye.

The Good Universities Guide 2017 indicates that location is a factor in graduate employment as much as the university itself. Six of the eight universities that achieved five stars for ‘overall employment’ are regional universities, which suggests that competition for jobs among metro graduates may be tougher and demand for graduates in some regional areas may be stronger.”

Chris Lester, Chief Executive Officer of the Good Education Media, said that students should think about whether student experience or graduate outcomes are most important to them and consider all of their options.

“Victorian students are among the least likely to travel interstate to attend university, but the latest edition shows that it’s important for students to think broadly about the institution that delivers the outcomes most important to them. It may not be a university in their home city and it may not be a university in their home state.”

The Good Universities Guide 2017 provides the only independent five-star performance ratings of Australian undergraduate courses and their providers.

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Top performers

GUG17 VIC ratings table

Note: Universities are awarded five stars if they fall within the top 20 per cent of all universities


About the ratings

Quality of educational experience

This rating looks at the proportion of students who were satisfied with the overall quality of their educational experience.

Overall employment

This rating compares the employment rates of graduates from different universities. It looks at the proportion of graduates who were employed full time four months after completing their course. Data has been sourced from the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) and is based on the results of the Graduate Destination Survey.

Overall salary

This rating compares the median salary of graduates from different universities. Data has been sourced from the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) and is based on the results of the Graduate Destination Survey.


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