Our top unis for a job: Regional students win

Monash and Federation University graduates are the most likely in the state to land a job soon after leaving the classroom, a new survey of tertiary institutions has revealed. 

Seventy per cent of graduates from those universities found full-time work within four months, according to Good Education Media’s The Good Universities Guide 2017.

They were followed by Deakin, La Trobe and Melbourne universities, all with 67 per cent employment, Swinburne with 64 per cent and Victorian University with 59 per cent.

In terms of median salary earned by graduates Federation University topped the state with $56,000.

Still, not one Victorian university received five-stars for employment outcomes or salary to denote being within the top 20 per cent of Australian institutions.

Good Education Media head of product, Ross White, said results indicated there was more to graduates employment outcomes than met the eye.

“Location is a factor in graduate employment as much as the university itself,” he said.

“Six of the eight universities that achieved five-stars for overall employment are regional universities, which suggests that competition for jobs among metro graduates may be tougher and demand for graduates in some regional areas may be stronger.

Deakin and Federation universities claimed Victoria’s highest ranking for overall quality of education experience, with 84 and 83 per cent of students satisfied, respectively.

Good Education Media chief executive Chris Lester said students should think about whether student experience or graduate outcomes are most important to them and consider all of their options.

Australia wide, The University of Western Australia had the highest median salary at $63,000 and the University of Southern Queensland and Charles Sturt University jointly claimed the top employment rate of 84 per cent.


This article originally appeared in the Herald Sun – Our top unis for a job

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