The university degree that gives students the best chance of finding work

University students across the world face the issue of finding work once their studies have been completed, but recent studies have revealed that there’s one degree which guarantees almost immediate employment.

According to Good Education Media, which released its latest The Good Careers Guide on Thursday, Australia has seen a 159 per cent increase in health-related course enrollments since 2001, more than double architecture, building, and physical sciences.

This shows that Australian students are paying attention to current employment trends.

Health-related bachelor degrees went from being the third most popular area of study to second place nationally, with most health graduates employed soon after completing their degree.

University enrolment trends

Field of study 2001  20016 
Society and culture 1 1
Management and commerce 2 3
Health 3 2
Education 4 5
Natural and physical sciences 5 4

Source: The Good Careers Guide 2016

Graduate Careers Australia’s 2016-17 Graduate Outcomes Survey revealed 91.7 per cent of nursing graduates who wanted work found it within four months.

This was also the case for 95.8 per cent of pharmacy graduates, 95.9 per cent of medicine graduates and 89.9 per cent of health services, and support graduates.

The studies found that nursing is expected to grow at double the rate of the general workforce which Chris Lester, CEO of Good Education Media, says may be an incentive for students to go down the less congested’ path of education.

‘Population growth and aging means that the healthcare industry will continue to offer a stable career path for students, however education may provide a less congested journey over the next decade,’ says Lester.


This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail Australia – Revealed: The university degree that gives students the best chance of finding work – and enrolments have doubled in the last 16 years

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